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Is your dryer squeaking every time you run a cycle? A noisy dryer isn’t just a nuisance: it could be a sign that you have a malfunctioning dryer part. Like all symptoms of appliance wear and tear, it’s not something that should be ignored and left to worsen. Let’s explore the common culprits of a noisy dryer, so you can get to the root of your dryer’s irritating squeak.


If you’re experiencing unusual dryer noises, check the following first:

  • Foreign objects: Sometimes a noisy dryer is simply caused by items that have fallen out of clothing pockets and are knocking around the drum during a cycle. Inspect the drum for foreign objects like coins or paper clips. Objects may also be trapped below the lint filter. Remove the lint filter and look down the opening. If you see an object, unplug the dryer and use work gloves to retrieve the item.

  • Dryer legs: Dryer legs that have become loose or uneven over time can cause a noisy cycle. Inspect the legs underneath the dryer and tighten the screws as needed.

  • Loose screws: Loose screws may cause irritating noises. Inspect all exposed screws and tighten or replace as needed.


A squeaking dryer may also be caused by damaged or worn-out dryer parts. To help pinpoint the source of the squeak, start by listening to where the noise is coming from. Louder noises at the top of the dryer suggest a drive belt problem, while noises from the rear suggest drum bearing issues, and noises close to the floor point towards idler pulley or motor issues.

  • Drive belt: A worn, cracked, or stretched belt that fails to grip the dryer drum properly will result in a squeaky noise on each full rotation. Certain stop-gap measures—such as bar soap or belt spray—can mute the squeak temporarily, but take this as your warning sign that the belt is on its way out and should be replaced with a genuine GE Appliances replacement part before long.

  • Dryer motor and bearings: The dryer motor has bearings that allow the drive shaft to spin. If the motor emits a noticeable squeak as it's running, it could be that these bearings are wearing out. That squeak will eventually become a grinding sound, which means real damage is being done. Because the drive shaft is encased, the motor will have to be replaced by a trained professional.

  • Idler pulley: This spring-loaded wheel fulfils a small but important role: it maintains tension for the drive belt. If it becomes damaged or dislodged, the resulting friction on the drive belt will cause an audible squeak—and require a replacement idler pulley to be installed. If the wheel pulley's bearing is squeaking, a spray of lithium grease may be enough to silence that irritating squeak.


If your dryer is still squeaking, don’t wait until it becomes an even bigger headache. Put your GE dryer in good hands by enlisting the experts at GE Appliances Factory Service. Our technicians have the tools, parts, and training to get the job done right—usually on the first visit.* Book a repair online now.

*GE Appliances technicians carry an extensive parts inventory on their service trucks. In the event a part is not available on the service truck, a follow-up service call may be required.
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