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Refrigerator door seal

Making sure your refrigerator door seal is working properly is an essential part of the appliance's ability to keep your food cold and fresh. As the seal ages, regular wear and tear can take a toll, causing the door to pop open when you least expect it. Luckily, you don't have to replace the entire refrigerator door to remedy the problem — you can simply clean and realign the seal, or save time and replace it altogether.

Luckily, your local factory-trained specialist at GE Appliance Factory Service knows everything there is to know about refrigerator door seals and can guide you to the best solution. We always travel with an inventory of commonly needed Genuine GE Appliance Parts, so repairing your fridge door seal should be easily accomplished in the time it takes to make one service call.*

Most refrigerator door seal problems have a simple fix. That's why there's no reason to put off scheduling a service appointment online and having one of our skilled professionals come by to take care of it.

The importance of a tight seal

You spend good money on groceries and it's no fun to find out that your food has gone bad before you had a chance to eat it. We've all accidentally left the fridge open a crack once or twice only to wake up to room temperature milk the next morning. Besides spoiled food, here are some problems a faulty refrigerator door seal can cause:

  • Humidity issues: Certain foods, like spinach and basil, do well in humid environments, while other foods, like bananas and asparagus, will rot more quickly in humidity. Your fridge is organized to extend the shelf life of your produce, but if the door isn't sealing properly, none of that will matter. Warm air will get inside the fridge and you'll have to rethink the leftover pasta you were planning on having for lunch.
  • Wasted electricity: When the door isn't sealing properly, the fridge will have a much harder time maintaining the temperature you set on the thermostat. That means your fridge will be using a lot more electricity and most of it will be wasted. For maximum efficiency, your fridge needs a tight seal that doesn't let any air in or out.
  • Ice build-up: The condensation that forms because of high humidity inside your fridge can turn into ice and not only spoil your food, but also clog up vents, fans and drains, causing more extensive damage down the line. Keeping your refrigerator door seal in good condition can only help the appliance last longer overall.

Keep your refrigerator sealed

Taking care of the seal on your refrigerator door is a quick way to make sure your appliance stays in good working order. If you've tried cleaning it but it's still not sealing correctly, it might be time to replace it altogether. Call GE Appliance Factory Service and one of our skilled professionals will come out and make sure your fridge has the perfect seal — all within a single service call in most cases.*

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