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Dishwasher maintenance

Keeping your dishwasher running properly so you never have to wash a plate by hand again doesn't have to involve extensive, costly repairs. If you pay attention to regular wear and tear, replacing parts when needed and making sure you keep up with regular dishwasher maintenance, your appliance should last you a long time.

While you might notice certain obvious problems with your dishwasher, such as leaks, oversudsing and door issues, it's not always an easy fix you can complete on your own. Luckily, your local factory-trained specialists at GE Appliance Factory Service can lend a hand for more in-depth dishwasher maintenance and repairs. Our technicians travel with a full inventory of Genuine GE replacement parts, so most of the time, we're able have your dishwasher back in working order within a single service call.*

Taking good care of your dishwasher will reduce the need for frequent repairs, but if you ever need an expert to take a look, simply schedule a service appointment online and one of our skilled professionals would be happy to stop by.

Staying on top of common issues

Depending on how often you use your dishwasher, eventually every day wear and tear is going to take a toll on certain parts. With regular dishwasher maintenance, you'll extend the life of all the moving parts and decrease the risk of being left with a sink full of dirty dishes after a dinner party. Take the time to do these things and you'll notice your dishwasher is running smoother than ever.

  • Clean with vinegar: Pour two cups of vinegar into the bottom your dishwasher and run it on low. Mid-way through the cycle, stop it for 15-20 minutes to give the vinegar a chance to do its job, then re-start the cycle. The vinegar will not only wash away grease and grime, but it will also get rid of musty odors.
  • Soak the filter: If you're noticing your dishes aren't coming out sparkling clean, it's probably due to a blocked filter. Every once in awhile, take it out, clean out the debris and soak it in soapy water.
  • Maintain the door seal: The dishwasher door seal is important to make sure water stays inside the appliance during cycles and cleans your dishes effectively. Routinely wipe down the seal using a vinegar and water solution to make sure its clean and in good condition.
  • Keep an eye out for mold: If you don't let your dishwasher air out after a cycle, moisture will be trapped inside and cause mold to grow. If you do notice mold, fill your detergent holder with bleach and run a cycle in your empty dishwasher. If the interior of your dishwasher is stainless steel, use a citrus drink mix instead — it will clean mineral deposits and leave your dishwasher smelling fresh.

Maintaining your dishwasher

You might think that since your dishwasher is made to clean, it's capable of keeping itself clean too. But it needs a little TLC just like any other appliance. Stay on top of the little things and you'll be more likely to avoid time-consuming, costly repairs later. If you do run into a larger problem like leaks, or a dishwasher than won't start or won't drain, call GE Appliance Factory Service. One of our expert technicians would be happy to come by, diagnose the problem and have it fixed, all within one service call.*

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