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Dishwasher clogged?

One of the most common — and easy to fix — problems you might come across in the kitchen is a clogged dishwasher. All those dinner parties will eventually catch up to you and you might notice your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as you’d like. The longer you put off fixing the problem, the worse it will get so it might be time to find a solution to your clogged dishwasher.

If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, leaving standing water at the bottom of the tub after a cycle, you most likely have a clog. Some clogs are nothing more than pieces of food that wouldn’t fit down the drain which you can easily clean out yourself. If the clog is deeper than you thought and you’d like to get a professional opinion, our factory-trained specialists would be happy to help. We travel with a selection of Genuine GE replacement parts, so our goal is to get your GE dishwasher back in tip top shape within the span of a single service call.*

A clogged dishwasher doesn’t have to bring your routine to a halt. For timely repairs, schedule a service call online and one of our skilled technicians will be there to help as soon as possible.

Tackle the problem head on

There’s more than one cause of a clogged dishwasher — and plenty of ways to prevent it from getting so bad that you have to have it repaired or replaced entirely. Rather than waiting until your dishwasher drain is so clogged that it’s causing leaks, standing water, and damage to other parts of your appliance, stay on top of maintenance with these tips:

  • Rinse dishes thoroughly: If you scrape large pieces of food off your dishes and give them a good rinse before putting them in your dishwasher, there won’t be anything big enough to get stuck in the drain and obstruct water flow. It might take a couple extra minutes, but it will prolong your dishwasher’s life in the long run.
  • Clean with vinegar: As a buildup-prevention strategy, run vinegar through your dishwasher once a month to clean grime and food particles from the drain and inside the hose. This will stop clogs from getting so bad that your dishwasher stops working properly.
  • Check your garbage disposal: Some dishwashers link up to the garbage disposal, so if that drain is blocked, your dishwasher might not be able to drain how it’s supposed to. Keeping all drains clean and free of food will help everything run smoothly.
  • Make sure air gap is intact: The air gap is important because it helps the dishwasher drain properly without creating a vacuum and preventing water from flowing out. If it becomes blocked by food or other debris, it could lead to water overflowing where it shouldn’t. Use a plumber’s snake to regularly clean out pipes and hoses and make sure there’s no build up.

Unclog your dishwasher ASAP

If you’re keeping up with regular dishwasher maintenance like making sure to rinse your dishes, using the right amount of detergent and clearing excess food and debris out of drains regularly, you shouldn’t experience a clogged dishwasher often. But sometimes time goes by without a thorough drain cleaning and you’ll need a little outside help. If that’s the case, call our local GE dishwasher experts — we’ll have a skilled technician come out and fix the problem in no time.*

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